Why You Should Keep Your Business Mail Away From Your Home Address

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

If you run a home based business, it probably seems like a convenient idea to have your business related mail come to your home instead of it being delivered to a separate address. As efficient as this idea may seem; especially since the pandemic arrived, this really may not be a good idea.

For one, depending on how heavy your business mail volume is, that volume combined with the personal mail for you and whomever else gets mail at your residence can become overwhelming. The other thing is if you're running your business out of your home, depending on how sensitive the mail you are receiving is, you may not want it to end up in your neighbor's hands, should they receive something of yours by accident. Keeping things seperate could also help cut down on mail fraud.

If you have a hassle free way to retrieve your business mail from a separate mailing address, there are options like the United States Post Office, The UPS Store, your state's registered agent or any business administrative locations that offer virtual mailbox options. Even some shared co-working spaces offer virtual mailbox services alongside their monthly memberships. Selecting a mailbox with the United States Post Office is the most cost effective way to go because you have the option to pay every six months or for the year instead of monthly. Most cities outside of New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco can pretty cheap too. If you do end up going with the the United States Post Office, just make sure to pick a location that allows their physical address to be used as yours instead of just a P.O. box number. Happy mailboxing hunting!

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